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Kicking World Kicking DVD- Complete Guide To Kicking Video

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Kicking World Kicking DVD- Complete Guide To Kicking Video.

Kicking World DVD- 2 Disc. Included
Complete Guide to Kicking (DVD)

by Brent Grablachoff
2-Disc DVD Set
Runtime: 125 minutes

In this 2-Disc Kicking Video, with over 2 hours of personalized instruction, Coach Brent Grablachoff will teach you everything you need to know to improve and dominate in field goal kicking, kickoffs and onside kicks. You will learn new drills, proven stretching & workout routines, practice plans, in-game strategy and even tips on mastering the mental game! If you are ready to take your game to the next level, purchase this DVD today!

Designed for Students, Parents & Coaches

Suitable for ALL Levels- Youth, HS, College, Pro

Over 2 hours of Instruction on 2 Discs!

Fundamentals, Technique, Drills

Stretching, Warm-ups, Gym Workouts

Field Goals, Kickoffs, Onside Kicks

A whole lot more!

DISC 1: Fundamentals & Technique
1. Field Goals: Fundamentals (101)
2. Field Goals: Advanced Technique (202)
3. Field Goals: Making Adjustments (303)
4. Kickoffs
5. Onside Kicks

DISC 2: Drills, Fitness & Training
6. Drills
7. Stretching & Warm ups
8. Training/Gym
9. Secrets & Mental Strategy
10. Getting to the Next Level


I purchased the Kicking World DVD in late August 2012, my son & I both watched it. We then watched it together pausing it when we wanted to work on a specific technique or drill. In the short time that we have had the DVD, my 12 year old son has started hitting 38 yard field goals & definitely started mastering the onside kicks. Without hesitation, this two part DVD is very easy to understand & has great demonstrations on how to apply what was just taught. My son and our football team have definitely improved the kicking/special teams. The KICKING WORLD DVD will definitely help my son into High School and beyond.


Matt Blackburn 

Special Teams Coach (Poway Pop Warner Football)

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