KickingWorld Complete Step By Step Guide To Punting DVD

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Step by Step Guide to Punting (DVD)

KickingWorld Step By Step Guide To Punting DVD

Step by Step Guide to Punting (DVD)
by Brent Grablachoff 
2-Disc DVD Set 
Runtime: 141 minutes 

In this over 2-hour instructional punting video, you will learn the intricacies of punting fundamentals, technique and form and will be taught a process and system to follow to ensure you get repeatable results. There’s so much fine detail that go into becoming a talented punter, and nothing is overlooked in this punting video. If you are ready to take your game to the next level, purchase this DVD today!

Designed for Students, Parents & Coaches

For ALL Levels - Youth, HS, College, Pro

Over 2 hours of Instruction on 2 Discs!

Fundamentals, Technique, Drills

Stretching, Warm-ups, Gym Workouts

Covers traditional & rugby punting

A whole lot more!

Table of Contents

DISC 1: Fundamentals, Technique & Drills (Run-Time: 84 min)
1. Punting: Fundamentals (101)
2. Punting: Advanced Technique (202)
3. Punting: Making Adjustments (303)
4. Punting: Tips
5. Punting: Drills

DISC 2: Fitness, Training & Mental Game (Run-Time: 57 min)
6. Stretching & Warm-ups
7. Training/Gym
8. Secrets & Mental Strategy
9. Getting to the Next Level

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