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Never before has the game of football seen anything like the Passback", the World's only football that rebounds and spirals back to the passer.

PassBack Official Size Football


Never before has the game of football seen anything like the Passback", the World's only football that rebounds and spirals back to the passer. Not only is it amazing, it is simply the best tool for training, practice or play.

  1. The only football you can throw and catch by yourself. NO STRINGS ATTACHED!
  2. Great fun or serious training
  3. Quarterbacks strengthen your throwing muscles and improve accuracy
  4. Receivers get more than 20 repetitions per minute
  5. For Ages 12 & up

Exercise 1- Pick A Spot

It is as easy as it sounds! Standing approximately 6-10 feet from any solid wall, focus your attention to a small spot or point about 10 feet from the ground. Practice hitting that spot repeatedly. This is the best way to learn accuracy and throwing efficiency. Count how many times you can hit the spot in ten throws. Challenge yourself, or your friends to see how good you can get!

Exercise 2- Quick Release

Quick reactions are a good football player's best weapon. When a receiver comes open there is no time to spare. On your own or with a friend see how fast you can get the ball out of your hand. Have a friend say "GO!" and get rid of it. Don't hesitate, or your pass will be picked off by the defense!

Exercise 3- Wide Receiver Warm-Up

Stand a minimum of 5 yards (15 feet) from a brick or concrete wall and throw the Passback" football as many times as possible in one minute. You must catch it to count it. Sounds easy right? Wrong! Grab a friend, find a wall and start throwing spirals!

Exercise 4- Quick Reactions

Quick reactions are key to both offensive and defensive players. Stand approximately 5 yards facing the wall. Have a coach, another player or friend stand behind you and throw the ball over your head at the wall. React fast to retrieve the ball as it rebounds off the wall.

Exercise 5- LongSnappers

Spirals are important to more than QB's. Practice long snaps by standing 5-10 yards from a solid wall. Grip the ball with your dominate hand as if you were throwing a football and then place your other hand gently on the ball as a guide. Raise the Passback over your head and then snap the ball to the wall remembering to roll your wrists down as the ball leaves your fingers.

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Steven Gregory

"I do see a stabilizing muscle building element for wrists, elbows and shoulders by doing high, repetitive, thoughtless reps....especially when a QB can't find someone to throw with....which is often."

Founder/Head QB Coach
Blue Chip Quarterback Farm

David Schuman

"The Passback football provides my high school athletes and the athletes of the national underclassmen combines the opportunity to train in throwing and catching by getting an amazing amount of reps perfected their skills of catching and throwing I fully endorse and use it with my athletes."

National Underclassmen Combines

Dick Dullaghan

"I totally believe that the Passback Football is a great teaching tool. Growing up, many of us used to work on our baseball catching and throwing skills by throwing a tennis ball against a wall to work on skills and to have fun when we were by ourselves. The Passback football is the answer to that method of skills development and enjoyment. We have run the Bishop and Dullaghan football camps for 34 years and my partner and I are both Indiana Football Hall of Fame coaches who have tried virtually every new gimmick, gadget or drill available to teach skills development. The "Passback" football is terrific for the young QB or WR or any player who wishes to improve their ball skills. I know that it works!"

Bishop and Dullaghan Football Camps

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