The Science


As an athlete, being the best means having the edge over your competition. So what will give you that edge? Well, the first step is to understand how your body works.












Within your body you have what is called a 'kinetic chain'. The body is made up of bones, joints and muscles that all must function together in a well-balanced manner; it’s the same idea as individual links in a chain. Each must be strong in order to work properly. Have a weakness in any one spot and the transfer of power is diminished. After all, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

Our focus with our Speed Weights and Exercise Programs is to strengthen this chain piece by piece. We do this by starting you with functional strength training, adding a light amount of weight/resistance to your actual sport specific movement or exercise. Having this constant resistance throughout the movement, activates your kinetic chain in the right way. In other words, multiple muscle groups are being stimulated in an integrated fashion, all together, in turn strengthening as one unit, and creating muscle memory within the full range of the movement, and at all velocities of the movement.

Another benefit of this constant resistance is that it’s challenging your muscles both eccentrically and concentrically throughout the movement or exercise, something that does not happen without the added weight/resistance from the Speed Weights.

Eccentric contractions occur when a muscle is lengthening during activity, opposite of the commonly known concentric contraction, where the muscle is shortening. Most believe that concentric contractions are the key to building muscle, but research has proven that eccentric contractions are more beneficial for improved strength and injury prevention.

We follow this with specific exercises selected and compiled by our team of current and former professional athletes as well as certified sports physiotherapists. By combining functional training, new exercises, commonly used exercises, and specific rehabilitative exercises, we are ensuring that you are getting a well-rounded workout, strengthening your entire kinetic chain.

We get your quick twitch muscle fibers firing by utilizing plyometrics and agility exercises. These are exercises that produce quick, explosive movements, and are performed in multiple planes of motion, replicating your real movements on the field or court.














                                                                                                                                                                                                  Many athletes have one-sided repetitive movements, or a dominant hand/footedness, which can lend itself to a heightened injury potential if the opposing side is not properly developed as well. All of our exercises are to be completed on both arms/legs in order to maintain the proper muscular balance and health of the athlete.

Last, we incorporate what is called 'The Overload Principle.' Our bodies are designed to adapt and overcome the stresses that we place on it. A lot of athletes do the same type of workouts repeatedly for months or even years. Once your body adapts to this level of exercise, it settles into a comfortable routine. This comfortable routine will cause your body to become complacent, and your fitness gains and improvements will stop there. In order to experience ongoing results, your body must be stressed or stimulated to a greater degree than what it is used to. This means that you must regularly change your exercises and resistance to ensure that you are stimulating your muscles properly.

Within our exercise programs we recommend that you choose 3 new exercises from each of our categories, Eccentric, Core and Plyometric, for every new workout session and vary your resistance. By doing this, you are consistently stimulating your muscles with new exercises and weight/resistance.

Our Speed Weights, along with our Exercise Programs, strengthen your kinetic chain as a whole, which creates the increased strength, speed and edge you need to be the best.